Fill in the Blanks

On the sixth week after her father passed away, my oldest daughter presented me with a family portrait.

I told her I liked it very much. I like how Dad is standing tall, in front of the children, in a protective stance. I like how all the kids are huddled together, bonding, perhaps, in their collective memories.

I asked her, though, “Why don’t we have faces?”

She answered, “Because we just don’t know how we feel yet. We are ready to be laughing or crying at any moment. We just don’t know.”

Blank Spaces

Poppy (9)

On the sixth week after her father passed away, my youngest daughter presented me with a drawing.

I told her l liked it very much. I like how even though Mom and Dad are separated by space, they continue to share the warmth of a radiant heart enveloped in sunshine. I like how there is heaven and earth, stars and sun, and a calming symmetry between them.

I asked her, though, “Why don’t we have faces?”

She answered, “Because all the really important things you feel are on the inside.”

MH Drawing

MH (5)



6 thoughts on “Fill in the Blanks

  1. Erin,
    I’m Russell’s cousin, Kelly Brown Hawthorne. Edna and my mother were sisters. I new Russell from the time he was a baby, and spent a lot of time with Nanny, dada, Bren, Gerry, Russell, Lisa and Lara in the summer months as I was growing up. I love them all so much, and I loved Russell even though time and circumstances didn’t allow us to remain in touch over the years…time can’t stop the love of family or erase our precious memories.

    You and the children are constantly in my toughts and daily prayers.

    I enjoy your writings and hope you are able to continue to share…I think you are probably helping others who are experiencing grief. I am touched by your honesty and the emotions of you and the children, and am encouraged to live each day to its fullest.

    I pray for God’s grace, mercy, peace, comfort and strength for you and the family every day.

    Please let me know if I could ever do anything for you, Charlie, Poppy or Mary Hazel.



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