Project Kindness (Addendum)

Love this ripple. So proud of this sweet young lady. Just had to share.

Hi, My name is Madison. I’m 15 and I wanted to share the impact your project kindness has made on me. Couple of weeks ago my mom showed me your blog about the old man who rode his bicycle everyday. And then when I was done reading it she said “that’s sweet, you should do something like that!” she wasn’t serious, but it stuck. The next day I kept thinking about it, and asking God to show me His idea. And unfailingly, He did. Then Project Smile was created! It’s kinda like what you do. But a little different. I told my mom about it and I could tell she was proud, and I was excited to start. So I laid out my calendar and wrote something on everyday that would bring a smile to someone’s face, and I would send a text out every morning telling everyone about that “task”. That Sunday, I announced it in Sunday school, and they loved it! I told a few other people, and now I send out a group text to 53 people!! A few people have told me how it has impacted their lives and others. It’s really incredible to know that even though God has a big world to handle, He still has time to tend to His children.
In His love, Madison


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