Project Kindness (Day 36)

My act of kindness today was of the drive-by variety.

I had a longer day (than usual even) and found myself at 8:00 in the evening with no act of kindness anywhere. I could not let my streak end. I had to dig deep. But on a budget since the next paycheck is still a couple of days away. While standing in the kitchen washing the last of the dinner dishes, I remembered the extra cookie dough I had frozen from one of last week’s random acts. As long as you have cookie dough in the freezer, you can perform an act of kindness, no matter how late in the day it is. Unless, of course, the person you are giving the treats to is on a diet. In that case, you might be accomplishing the opposite of what you set out to do. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

I preheated. I baked. I cooled. I put them on paper plates and covered them with aluminum foil. And then I hopped in my car with my slippers on and set out to deliver some kindness, guerilla style. I dared not disturb the quiet hours between folks putting their kids in bed and having to make lunches for the next school day, so I tried to sneakily leave the treats on porches and patios instead of knocking on doors. I felt like the tooth fairy in reverse. And like the tooth fairy, I hoped not to get caught. Especially in my stinky slippers. At my last stop, though, I heard the jiggle of the front doorknob as I started my retreat. I froze. Here I was lurking  in the dark wearing some of my pajamas and very unsure as to what to do next. I didn’t want to scare the unsuspecting neighbor but I thought it would look more suspicious if I bolted. So I came into the light, nonchalantly waved, and said “Hi. I brought you cookies.” He didn’t flinch or skip a beat as he twirled his car keys around his finger and replied. “It’s about time!”

P.S. I just got a text from another neighbor who confessed that she ate all the cookies while her children were sleeping. I don’t judge.


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