Project Kindness (Day 33)

Another Sunday, another trip to Publix. As I’ve mentioned here several times before, I love my Publix. The folks there are consistently helpful, they speak kindly to my children, they take my groceries to the car (in rain, snow, and sleet). I once called ahead to arrange for a nice customer service staff member to meet me in the parking lot with an empty cart when the twins were just a few weeks old. I had no idea then how to navigate such complex waters by myself. Other than appreciating how they treat me, I’ve always taken notice of how much they contribute to our community as well. If they can make it easier for me to perform small acts of kindness during my regularly scheduled grocery shopping trips, then I love them all the more. Throughout the month of March, Publix is taking donations for their Food for Sharing program. Customers can simply purchase an extra “bag” of groceries to be donated to a local organization that feeds the hungry. You can choose from one of the following price points:

  • Gold: Publix Fruit Cocktail, Publix Grape Jelly, Publix Creamy Peanut Butter, Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Publix Cut Green Beans (2), Publix Long-Grain Rice and Plumrose Ham
  • Silver: Publix Cut Green Beans, Hormel Corned Beef Hash, Publix Long-Grain Rice, Publix Grape Jelly and Publix Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Bronze: Publix Cut Green Beans, StarKist Chucky Light Tuna (2), Publix Macaroni & Cheese (2), Dinty Moore Beef Stew

I was happy to make my contribution at the register today. (Did I mention you also get a free reusable shopping bag, too?) Since I started this modest project last month, some days require more physical effort than others. Sometimes that’s what I need – to get my hands dirty, to sweat, to empathize. A catharsis of sorts. Other days, it is nice to know I can still make a small difference and not sacrifice precious family time with the kiddos. Today was one of those days.

A dear friend of ours is leaving for Afghanistan (for the second time) in a few weeks. She will be gone for over a year. My children love spending time with her and through circumstances that became very intense and personal, we became friends on a deeply emotional level. We don’t see her as often as we should, but she never fails to make all of us feel special when she visits. Tonight she came over for a hot meal and some (rambunctious) family time. She brought each of the children an Easter treat. MH got an I Spy book that she adored. “My book! For me!” She was very pleased to have received a book all her own, one that was not passed down from her sibs. The twins each got arts and crafts supplies and, according to them, the best thing they never knew about before tonight – Peeps! We tried to keep Peeps on the down low as long as possible, because neither Russell nor I care for them. (We endeavor to only keep treats in the house that we would want to raid and pilfer as late-night cravings require.) They were obsessed with the Peeps, though Poppy did not want to eat the tops of their heads because it was just too sad. “Why do they have to look at me with those eyes?”

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner. With the groceries I bought earlier at Publix. Where I was able to take care of my shopping and my good deed of the day. Which allowed me time to spend with my dear friend. Thank you, Publix. According to the Loaves & Fishes website, Publix wrote a check for $22,575.63  to their charity during last season’s campaign. That’s a lot of loaves and fishes.


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