Project Kindness (Day 19)

On the spectrum of kindness acts, today’s modest gesture was more on the random end. I was standing in line at Publix pondering what my act of goodwill today was going to be when I spotted the colorful, reusable Easter shopping bags strategically placed at the register. I looked in my buggy and confirmed that I needed another reusable bag like I needed a hole in the head. I was pleased that I had, in fact, remembered my bags. I always slink toward the cashier, courteous as she usually is, when I forget my eco-friendly totes. When she (loudly) asks, “Is plastic going to be OK for you today?”, I always avert my eyes and start stammering some plausible explanation as to why I am without my regular bags. (I drove my husband’s car, I came straight from work, I have few brain cells left because I have three small children.) I realize I am probably more worried about this predicament than most would be. I hope nobody is actually judging me for my forgetfulness. And that’s when I knew what my act of kindness was to be for the day. I purchased several of the bunny bags and gave them to the fresh-scrubbed cashier to keep. I asked her to kindly hold on to them until someone who needed them came along. I told her that if she happened to spot a frazzled, forgetful mother with a gaggle of children in tow, that would be the best. It would be like giving myself a present. She smiled and agreed to play her part. I felt pleased about this simple gesture. I knew it was small but I hoped also appreciated at the time it was implemented. As I strolled away from the line, I heard someone call out my name. I turned around to see the next person coming to “my” checkout line was an old friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while. She was accompanied by her two young children. I am always happy to see her. She is a down-to-earth soul who always makes me feel more relaxed when I spend time with her. After we did some quick catching up, the cashier asked my friend if she brought any bags. She sighed and explained, ” We came straight from church and I forgot to bring them.” I said my goodbyes and we made promises to get together soon. When I turned toward the exit, I heard the cashier tell my friend, “No worries. We got you covered.” My friend was exactly the type of person I wanted to win the reusable bunny bag lottery.


3 thoughts on “Project Kindness (Day 19)

  1. My reaction when I forget my bags: Oh well, more dog poop bags for me! Also, most of my eco-friendly bags are Publix bags and cashiers here in VA always look at them perplexed and ask if I’m from Florida…. Why, yes, I happen to be from Florida but that’s not where these bags are from. 🙂

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