Project Kindness (Day 18)

I noticed the “Sold” sign yesterday. I saw the sporty red Honda at the curb this morning. The power company truck and the cable guy were on the scene directly. Yup, they sold old Mr. Dodson’s house across the street. We were all lying on Charlie’s bed, peering through the blinds at our new neighbors. Poppy was the first to verbalize how we were all feeling to a degree. “It’s not right,” she pouted. “Those people didn’t even know Mr. Dodson. They aren’t going to remember him and they’re living right in his house!” It was a bit unsettling to see strangers go in his back door, park in his driveway, throw away all his kitchen cabinets in the giant dumpster parked temporarily between our houses. Time had marched on and now there would be new neighbors. It’s a funny thing when someone you care about passes away. You don’t want to move anything out of place or even eat the last bite of cake that was there when he was alive the day before. You worry that with each small change, the memory of the person who was here might fade a little around edges. You worry that you will forget the details. Well, now someone is moving into Mr. Dodson’s house where he sat for hours a day by the kitchen’s fluorescent light in front of his computer working on his stories. Where he lit his wood burning stove at the first hint of fall. Where he spoiled his dogs. We were feeling nostalgic. And that’s when Poppy said it before I thought it. In classic Phineas and Ferb style, she proclaimed, “Mom. I know what we’re going to do today!” Even though it was a very full day for us (haircuts, grocery shopping, dance recital pictures, and so on), we baked. Well, I did, but with the full support of my family. After dinner, the twins, the baby, and I walked across the street with a basket full of blueberry muffins. We knocked loudly on the door so we could be heard over the loud Americana-style music (which we liked) blaring in next room. A cute young couple came to greet us. We introduced ourselves one by one and told them we were glad they were our new neighbors. She’s expecting her first in June. Seems appropriate that while we say goodbye to Mr. Dodson, we welcome a sweet newborn babe. I think he would like them living in his house. I think he would be happy indeed.


5 thoughts on “Project Kindness (Day 18)

  1. I agree he would be glad a new family and a new life is starting over with lots of memories to be made there now. The babies will all have a June birthday in common a good start!!

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