Project Kindness (Day 6)

Sometimes you don’t have to seek out a someone to bestow your kindness upon, sometimes that someone seeks out you. In today’s serendipitous case, it was a someone with a black fuzzy tail and tiny little meow.

This is who greeted me when I opened the front door this morning.

“I heard you were handing out kindness here, ma’am.”

I think this little kitty heard that we recently misplaced ours. Apparently she didn’t get the memo that our kitty came home last week. She asked me if I might consider keeping her on anyway, since she was already here and all. I consulted with my committee.

“And who do we have here?”

“Please state your business.”

“I approve!”

Well, I told the little trespasser that we had to go to school right then. She was welcome to hang around and lounge for a spell. If she was there when we returned, we would negotiate further.

“Look who’s still here!”

 “Let’s negotiate, shall we?”
“You are certainly persistent, I’ll give you that!” 
The committee agreed that the kitty drove a hard bargain. We decided to let her be a “porch kitty” for a couple of days to see how serious she really is about this idea. I asked my assistant to set up some trial accommodations.
“It is a little firm, but I think you will like it just fine.
All this meeting, negotiating, and accommodating tuckered some of the committee members out.

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