Project Kindness (Day 5)

Today I didn’t change anyone’s life. I just tripled my homemade waffle recipe and made a few deliveries around the neighborhood. As a mom of a rather busy household, I know it takes a lot of organization to get my crew going in the mornings before school. We’re big fans of the frozen waffle. Throw a little fruit on top and it’s actually kind of healthy-ish. Every member of my family will eat them, I don’t have to make three different breakfasts, and clean-up is a snap. Big fan of the frozen waffle. Today, I made exactly 50 waffles because I wanted to share the love with some of my favorite neighborhood moms. (If you weren’t on my first delivery route, you will be on my next.) I cannot swear that these waffles are the best you’ve ever tasted, or even the tenth best, but maybe the kids won’t notice a few imperfections if you smear enough Nutella on top. (Poppy’s favorite variation, by the way). At least these Supermoms might have one extra minute for the next couple of mornings to do something completely decadent like brush their teeth or remember their reusable shopping bags.

On a related note, my parents did several nice things for me today. Dad fixed my lawn mower so I no longer have an excuse not to mow the ski slope that is my front yard this spring. They also gave me the night off from cooking and bought us a yummy dinner that we could eat on paper plates. Huzzah!

In other news, Noah, the little boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 35 days ago, came home from the hospital today. He got to play with his twin brother and his crazy dog and be normal. He goes back for his next round of chemo soon. He’s not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, but what a happy day it must have been!


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