I got the phone call on my way home from work yesterday at 6:00. (Thank you, Dr. Cook, for not making me wait until morning.) She is a young and bubbly oncologist which made the news she delivered all the more welcome. “I’m looking at Mary Hazel’s film and it is gorgeous! And her lungs look gorgeous! No evidence of metastatic disease anywhere to be found.” I’m elated. Relieved. Able to relax once again. I even managed to do some kind of happy dance while driving a stick shift in rush hour traffic.

Many thanks to team Mary Hazel for your continued thoughts, prayers, and appropriately timed distractions. I love that my friends are funny and smart. Mwah!

Even more good news. I contacted a rescue organization for English Springer Spaniels in North Carolina and was able to successfully place ol’ Mr. Dodson’s animal companions, Sam and Sara, together in a loving home. This also makes my heart sing. Hope he knows they are being looked after. Warm fuzzies abound.



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