Morbidly Charming

Ever since my dear elderly neighbor passed away last week, the possums have been asking lots of questions about life and death. Admittedly I do not have many answers, but I do my best to comfort them and allay their fears. My daughter decided yesterday to compose a letter to Mr. Dodson. She wanted to draw him a picture and put it in his mailbox so he would get it in heaven. As usual, she asked me how to spell most of the words. “Mommy, how do you spell ‘I miss you and I hope that you are all warm and snuggly in your grave with your family.’” I guess I’ve done a successful job of creating a kinder, gentler view of death.


2 thoughts on “Morbidly Charming

  1. Erin, that has been us this past week. Emma and Riley were friends with one of the little girls who died in the car accident this weekend. There were 3 sisters that got killed and they all went to their school. My grandmother passed away earlier and the year and it didn’t bring up as many questions as the death of one of their classmates. It’s been hard but I’ve just tried to be honest. I love that she wanted to send him a letter.

  2. There are so many difficult “whys and wherefores” to answer in this world of of hard knocks. We all wish we had better answers to offer up. Sounds like you are doing a good job, Mom!

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