A Reason

Starving yourself, for whatever reasons, makes you feel really bad. It makes your body do weird things like consume its own muscle. I do not recommend it. We still do not know why Poppy stopped eating last week and the mystery will remain unsolved. As long as she’s getting better, we don’t need to know. As of Thursday, she started eating and drinking normally (for her) again. She even requested ice cream at The Northgate Soda Shop and ate at least 1/4 of her veggie burger (with no cheese or ketchup, please!). As you would expect, her symptoms all but disappeared within 24 hours. She still has some blood in her urine, but the pediatrician thinks this will also clear up soon as she has no apparent infection. Poppy is, without a doubt, back to her normal precocious self. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

On another note, she needs glasses. I thought Charlie would be the one who might need corrective lenses first. Since he is a clone of his father who first started wearing glasses in the second grade, I assumed he was destined for spectacles at an early age, too. Instead, it was Poppy who had a hard time reading those “small fuzzy letters” on the eye chart. Charlie tried his best to help her out. He was whispering the correct letters in her ear every time the doctor turned away. I told him he wouldn’t be allowed to help her at the DMV in ten years so he better let her just take the test on her own now. The doctor gave us a referral right away when Poppy’s test came back reporting 20/80 vision. I never wore glasses growing up and I have no idea how my own vision rates, so I didn’t realize right away how much she must be struggling. Russell, always helpful, suggested that maybe she will be better at sports now. =) We are all telling her how cute she’ll look in her hot pink frames with rhinestone studs. She’s almost sold.

I did my seasonal shopping for all three kids at the Upstate Mothers of Multiples consignment sale last night. I love this sale. Not only do some of my favorite moms in the world put on this event, you can not beat these prices with a stick. I got entire winter wardrobes and shoes for all three kids, a brand-new Pottery Barn backpack for Charlie, soccer cleats and shin guards (his and hers), a set of My Pretty Ponies for you know who, and a fetching duck Halloween costume for MH…for, wait for it…$100. I’m not your typical extreme bargain shopper. You won’t see me on any TLC specials, but I love me that semi-annual consignment sale. While I was waiting in line for the doors to open, I was chatting with one of my fellow twin mammas about MH’s ordeal earlier this summer. I shared with her that I still think about the sweet little boy who was in the room right next to ours who was struggling so much with Leukemia. She nodded her head and said, “You know, my son’s best friend, Will, was just diagnosed with cancer this year and he’s also having a hard time.” Strange, I thought. The little boy I was remembering is also named Will. You can see where this is going. After a few more follow-up questions, I watched the hairs on my arm raise and felt a chill travel down my spine. This was the same little boy. How often I’ve thought of him and his sweet, tired mama these last few weeks since we’ve been home! Will’s mom is the one who talked about her support network dwindling as the days went on. She’s the one who needed more hot meals at the hospital. And just when my life was about to get too hectic to make good on some well-intended promises to myself, the fates brought my friend Liz to me as a reminder. It got even more bizarre when Will’s mom actually texted my friend while we were talking about her. That very moment that we made the connection, Liz’s phone vibrated and up popped a message about Will having to return to the hospital because of a fever. If ever there was a time to think that someone was sending me a message, it was certainly then. Loud and clear. My friend and I made plans to go visit Will and his mommy as soon as he was up for visitors. Every time I think about this unexpected turn of events, I get that chill again. I’m not usually the one who says things happen for a reason, but I am scratching my head a bit on this one.

If you’d like to keep up with Will, too, please follow this link to his CaringBridge site.


2 thoughts on “A Reason

  1. Still keeping up with you guys, glad Poppy is feeling better. Praying now for Will and his mom. Life as a mom is never easy, it’s amazing to me how just an ear infection can make you feel helpless. I know we would take it from them if we could. Hope things continue to improve for all of the above!

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