A Regular Day

I’m very happy to report that we have been a vomit-free house for four days. I realize that by writing those words, I just may have jinxed our streak. Perhaps I created a disturbance in the gastric universe by documenting Mary Hazel’s brush with a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome diagnosis. With each day that passes without the tell-tale gurgle in her tummy, I wonder if that frightening episode on Friday might be our last. A mother can hope! And though I am encouraged by our retching respite, I wonder if I need to pursue getting answers from the pediatrician. No symptoms is a very good sign, but I’m a little gun-shy since our last big diagnosis was preceded by no apparent symptoms. Several folks have told us how their children went through similar experiences and learned that their kids had food allergies and / or something fun called kidney reflux. And seeing as how my baby only has one kidney, I might need to stay right on top of that diagnosis. Even though I don’t wanna, I suppose I need to dig a little deeper. Then again, maybe I’ll wait until she throws up again. Or…what would you do?

In other news, I’ve enjoyed Charlie and Poppy’s renewed interested in pretending to be spies. I love seeing what costumes they throw together from seemingly random articles of clothing strewn about their room. Poppy emerged yesterday morning wearing pink polka-dot slippers, a robe sash, sunglasses that open and shut, a flower girl headband, and an “attacker” constructed of Legos. Charlie mostly relies upon his trusty Spiderman mask which reportedly has “super hearing powers”. Ironically, he often repeats, “What?” when he wears it as it tends to cover his ears. Russell has been dubbed Agent X and I am known around here as Agent XOXO as my pacifist reputation precedes me. (I am still required to keep a Lego attacker on my bedside table…just in case.)

I continue to be in denial about Charlie and Poppy’s impending Kindergarten enrollment. I have not purchased the first Number 2 pencil in hopes that my procrastination might delay the inevitable. I have the butterflies I get when I’m on the rollercoaster car click, click, clicking up the incline. The anticipation of a loopity-loop ride of emotional and academic highs and lows for the next 15 years begins as soon as we crest the top of the ramp. I know the day I walk them into their new school will be just another day, but all the milestones are adding up quickly around here. Just today, I received an automated e-mail from one of the websites I’ve used for years that tracks your kids’ development. They used to be titled “Your Infant”, then “Your Toddler”, and then “Your Pre-schooler”. Today I read “Your Big Kid” and I realized I wasn’t ready to graduate just yet. I plan to savor these last few weeks of summertime innocence. No homework, no peer pressure, no stress. Just happy, creative, hilarious kids. (I refuse to say Big Kids…yet.)



3 thoughts on “A Regular Day

  1. How DO you find the time to so eloquently capture your life, our life, life with kids, life with kids taking a “wretching respite,” spy kids, and the whole caboodle? I, too, was dramatically taken aback when my email about Quinn’s development was titled “Your Toddler.” Sheesh! Hugs to you…

  2. Wow! Hard to believe your twins will be starting K5! We have passed that milestone twice already, but the first time was hard. Now that our oldest is about to start 4th grade, I’m just kind of in shock. To think in 3 short years, she will be starting Jr. High makes me shudder. She is SOOO ready for the next big thing, but I would be happy to keep her (and the rest of them) little. šŸ™‚

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