Not unlike the teenage girl I used to be, I sat by the phone all day. I checked for missed calls like Poppy checks for new cookies in the treat jar. I made sure the ringer volume was turned up so I wouldn’t miss the call while driving the kids to day camp. I sat on my phone while nursing Mary Hazel, so I would feel it vibrate without waking up the baby. Finally, at about 4:00, Dr. Anderson called and made my day.

“Just wanted to share the good news about Mary Hazel. The pathology report shows a favorable histology. We recommend no chemo and only follow-up scans. We’ll talk about the results in detail next week.”

Thank you, Doc! I have been floating ever since. Perhaps you can imagine the amount of relief I feel having this heavy burden lifted from my shoulders! I know I will always be aware of shadows creeping in each time MH goes for a scan, but I can handle it. As a family, we’ve already handled our fair share together.

After hearing the good news, I find myself watching and admiring my sweet little girl more than usual. Every time she tilts her head and smiles that silly grin, my heart feels even more full of love for her. Memories of her short but miraculous battle with cancer will always be a reminder to me to appreciate the nuances of our “normal” family life. So far, I’ve agreed to tickle Charlie almost every time he asks me. I’ve let Poppy change her mind about what she wants for breakfast every morning without giving her a hard time, and I’ve let MH stay up past her bed time two nights in a row.

I’m going to bed now with a joyful heart and a tired body. Sweet Dreams!


12 thoughts on “Relief

  1. A wonderful day/night indeed. Rest easy Hinson family. A true victory for all of us on Team Mary Hazel!

  2. Thanks for doing such a beautiful job of documenting our family’s recent journey through light and darkness. I hope the rest of the summer is very uneventful. In the meantime, we should celebrate — ponies and XBoxes all ’round!

  3. This has been an amazingly sweet and touching blog, considering its seriousness. I’m glad for all of you in the good news!–Jason

  4. “Don’t you worry – Mary Hazel will always be a miracle baby.” >> This made me cry big ole wet dripping-on-my-keyboard-while-i’m-supposed-to-be-working tears. It really brings home what you’ve been through, and I admire you so much.

    I’m love how you say we all need to reach out and help each other, even though it’s awkward. You certainly reached out and helped me a time or two, and I’ll never forget it.

    Much love to that sweet, miraculous, strong baby girl, her parents, and the possums.


  5. Erin, Mary Hazel and family,
    I am breathing a sigh of relief with you today. I am so glad that MH doesn’t have to endure chemo and additional treatments. I can’t even imagine the rollercoaster you all have been on this past week. I hope peace is soon restored.

    Sharon Adler (from the AP group)

  6. Erin – I’m ecstatic with the good news! Your path has been a scary one indeed but the grace that you’ve shown is extraordinary. I’ve been thinking about little MH and how precious each of her moments is to you and I’m delighted that you can all breathe a bit easier as you move through much-deserved normal days!

  7. Erin,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! We have been praying for you! As a mother of small kids myself, I can hardly imagine the “valley” you have gone through these past few weeks. And, I am SOOO happy for you that MH does not need any additional treatment. Praise the Lord for that!

    And, yes, doesn’t a trial like this make the other “annoying” things in life seem so insignificant? Children really are blessings from the Lord. Thank you for the reminder to truly treasure them. May you continue to enjoy your miracles everyday!

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