Today felt sorta kinda…normal. Obviously not completely normal as our family is still not sleeping under the same roof together, but I think I’ve got my baby girl back – my grinning, playful, charming baby girl. I cannot recall a single moment when she cried today. She was in a silly mood and simply wanted to play with her toys. Around mid-day we got some very exciting news…green light on the breastfeeding. I’m not sure who was happiest about this news! For the next 3 hours, we lay in my bed cuddling, nursing, and catnapping. Pure heaven! No fussing, hungry baby to worry about. No engorged mama setting up the pump again. No distressed nurse having to apologize to the sad baby and mama. Win! After our joyful reunion, we received several guests who were in the neighborhood visiting other patients here. It was fun visiting with Bill T. and then the Pecks. Mary Hazel enjoyed having a fresh audience to wave to and play peek-a-boo with. It’s really hard to believe she is recovering from major surgery. I guess when you don’t know any better, you’d rather not act sick if you don’t feel sick. As a matter of fact, she felt so healthy tonight, she decided to yank out her epidural tube. “Um…Nurse! A little help in here?” MH seemed very pleased with herself. Nobody wants to get back to normal sooner than the patient herself.

I got to spend a few hours with Charlie and Poppy this evening. It’s funny to observe how differently they are handling this latest medical hiccup. Poppy literally throws herself at my feet and kisses me from head to toe upon my arrival home. Charlie, on the other hand, acts aloof and almost annoyed with me. He resists my hugs and kisses and pushes me away. My feelings would be hurt except I know his MO. He behaves the same way when he falls off his bike or skins his knee. He doesn’t admit to being hurt at all and runs away to be alone until the boo boo is better. Sure enough, by the time I pack my stuff to return to the hospital, he reaches for my hand and whispers that he loves me. And I know he means it. I know the separation has got to be rough on them. They are also looking forward to getting back to normal again soon. When I helped Charlie brush his teeth tonight in the bathroom near the nursery, he said, “You’re not shushing me like you usually do.” I said there was no need to be quiet since the baby wasn’t sleeping in there. He answered, “Well, I want her to come home soon so we hafta start being quiet again.” Like normal.

The sooner we get the normal pathology report, the better!

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Mimi R. for taking the possums to the pool this morning. They proudly told me all about their latest nautical accomplishments! Thanks to “Uncle Dwight” for working in the dreadful humidity with Dad on the kids’ new backyard fort. It looks great! Thanks to Vanessa for dinner and dessert. Yum!


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