Keepin’ On


As I reported yesterday, MH took it upon herself to remove her epidural. Anesthesia talked our nurse through reconnecting it in the middle of the night. Well, today the doctors agreed with Mary Hazel and it was removed completely. That seemed perfectly OK for exactly one hour. That is, until the medicine got out of her little system. My clue that the pain honeymoon was over was when she waked up from a deep slumber screaming and writhing around in her crib. The nurse swiftly came to the rescue…with morphine. I’m not exactly thrilled that my daughter is relying on narcotics to make it through the day and night, but the alternative was heartbreakingly pitiful. Pitiful, I say. So, morphine it is every four hours until further notice. (Note: The baby is most definitely enjoying the benefits of her narcotic in the picture shown.) She also had her catheter removed today, so we are down to one IV tube tethering her to the pole. Big hurdles! We’re going to try solid foods tomorrow (and hope for a poop). Another big hurdle. Last, but not least, I hope to see that pathology report tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

We enjoyed some fun visits today. The possums, Russell, and Gammer stopped by in the morning. MH was so excited to see them! She jumped up and down in her crib and shrieked, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”. I bet she wished she had a bigger vocabulary, but she made the most of it. I was shocked, shocked I say, to discover that Charlie has his first loose tooth! What the what?! He kept saying his mouth “felt funny”. Sure enough, he has a wiggler right in the front. I thought he was a little young to be losing a tooth already, but then I remembered that he got his first tooth when he was only three months old. Poppy was surprisingly upset by this unexpected turn of events. I’m certain that she is already expecting disappointment when the Tooth Fairy comes to pay only her brother a visit soon. We’ve had lots of discussions this week about life not always being fair. First cancer, now the tooth. To Poppy, these things measure similarly on the great scale of inequality. Bless her heart. We also hung out today with the ever-charming Amy D. She came bearing Starbucks treats for me and toys for MH. I joke with her that she is my coolest friend that I never get to hang out with. Ironically, she was also one my first visitors when I was on bed rest with the twins years ago. She’s good people. The Leamons also came to say hello and we enjoyed catching up. Love hearing Marsha’s laugh! Nyroba was kind enough to offer up a loving prayer for Miss Boo and I got those goosebumps again. There was definitely a strong energy in the room when we finished with “Amen”. Mom and Dad hustled out from the bullpen again this evening so I could take a shower and read the possums some books. MH is still restless, even on the morphine, so I hope we both get some sleep tonight.

A special thanks to The Thompsons for delicious dinner and dessert tonight!

Hope and pray for a good pathology report tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ On

  1. I’m sorry to hear that MH is in so much pain. Unfortunately morphine only goes so far, and there’s nothing (short of an epidural, apparently) that can really make you comfortable when you have an abdominal incision like hers. The good news is that things should get significantly better in the next few days. The 1-week mark seemed like a big milestone in recovery after the transplant. I’ll be praying that it is for MH too. Fingers crossed that the insufferable wait for the path report will be over very soon. Just remember, one step at a time.

  2. Erin – I’m sorry to hear that she experienced pain like that today, but that sure is a sweet and encouraging picture of her! I’m glad things are progressing so well and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.

  3. As you’ve probably learned, the morphine doesn’t kick in immediately. It can take 10 mins (give or take) for it to really kick in. That can be an agonizingly long time with little ones. There are quicker-acting pain meds and meds that can be given in addition to the morphine if she’s still having breakthroughs. Just something to keep in mind. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Erin Not sure you would remember me or not, but I subbed in the baby room from time to time, anyway Barb has kept me informed and I just wanted to say I have added my prayers for all of you. I’ve been trying keep up with the events on you Blog. I am sure praying for a good report and no pain for little MH. She has such a beautiful spirit, God is right there with you. I am looking forward to read htat you are all under one roof and thriving. Keep fighting, Love Gemma(Mary Alice Heinz)

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