I’m up early drinking a cup of surprisingly decent coffee from the Parents’ Room across the hall. I slept about five hours on and off last night. And MH, bless her sweet heart, has been resting fairly peacefully since the surgery. I keep waiting for her to get fussy and mad, but so far, so good. She has started licking her lips a lot and appears to be thirsty. The best we can do for her is to dab on some lip balm and swab her mouth with mint “mouthwash”. We’ll all be happy when she can sip some water again (and milk!).

We had a bit of a setback last night as MH tested positive for MRSA. The nurse said they were surprised to see a baby with Community MRSA, but it was confirmed. We are now in isolation – gowns and gloves for those coming and going to protect the other patients in Hematology/Oncology. She shows no apparent symptoms, which is good news. We have to make sure her wound stays very clean and keep an eye out for skin changes. Two steps forward, one step back. I’m still relatively calm about it, considering.

I’m waiting on pins and needles for the “official” pathology report due in the next day or so. Fingers crossed that we remain in the Low Risk category.

A big round of applause for our nighttime nursing staff! Karen and Aaron were nothing short of perfect. No unnecessary noises, pokes, or intrusions. I’m very grateful we all got the rest we desperately needed. The good news is they will be on this rotation for the next week!

Special Thanks:

First and foremost, thanks to loving and strong family for being here and helping us keep it together. Mom, Dad, Gammer, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Robert, and Tracy – a million thanks and hugs. Thanks, also, to John and Miriam for their presence and support.

Thanks to Team Mary Hazel! I wholeheartedly believe your positive energy, thoughts, and prayers made all the difference! I owe you big! Way, way big! Thanks, Diana, for the Hello Kitty balloon and buddy. Thanks, Mary Margaret, for the perfectly perfect care package. MH has held her Taggie blanket close for hours. Thanks, Lindsay, for taking the possums for a play date today. They are so excited! Thanks, Katie M., for the use of your iPad. You really are spoiling us rotten! Charlie loved playing Angry Birds with his DanDaddy last night. Thanks to Lou and Bucky for fixing the annoying busted timer on our ancient stove! You saved the sanity of many a family member! Thanks to Andrea for a yummy dinner- something for everyone! Thanks to Stacy Z. For the massage gift certificate which totally rocks! Thanks, Joanna S., for the wonderfully insightful note which will help us tremendously in our cancer path. If I forgot anyone, I will remember when I finish my coffee!

Thank you each and every one who has said a little (or a lot of) prayer for Baby Bug this week!


One thought on “Peace

  1. Again Erin, I am amazed by your strength. I was sitting here reading your blog and thinking, if this was happening to me, there is no chance in heck I’d be able to blog about it. You are such an inspiration. I jump on here daily to see what’s new with the Hinsons. And God bless you, we know exactly what’s what! I wish there was more we could do, I will certainly keep you all in my prayers. I will pray that nothing develops from the MRSA, and that the pathology report is only good news. My bro-in-law is a pathologist in and around that area. If you need anything further, or have any questions, I will gladly give you his name and number. Wouldn’t hurt! My absolute best to you all.

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