Counting Down…and Blessings

I just got off the phone with the scheduler at the hospital. Mary Hazel’s surgery will take place at 10:00 tomorrow (Thursday) morning. My tummy is turning flips. My adrenaline is pumping and the coffee I just bought now tastes bitter and wrong. It’s go time. Of course, my mind is racing and I’m trying my best to stay calm, get the house in order, and cover all bases before I become a temporary resident at Greenville Memorial.

I do want to take the time here to talk about a good thing that happened yesterday. Mary Hazel went to school for the last time in a while to visit with her adoring teachers and friends. I would not have even entertained leaving her for a few hours if I didn’t feel like the folks at Disciples would take care of her as their own. When we arrived, our beloved Ms. Barb and her amazing daughter Katie met us with open arms, tights hugs, and wistful smiles. If anyone on this earth can be called an angel, it is Ms. Barb. From the moment we signed up for pre-school last spring, she has made all my children feel loved. (And not just because she lets them have lollypops from her office every day.) She has a genuine spirit and a giving heart and every time I’m around her, I want to be more like her. She kind of reminds me of both my mom and my Aunt Bonnie. They give and give and expect nothing in return. Their happiness stems from making others happy. What greater gift could there be? She is one of those people I feel like I was meant to know. She has enriched our lives for the better and will never ever be forgotten. Not only did she and Katie unexpectedly visit us the first day we went to Memorial, they also presented Miss Mary Hazel with a handmade and monogrammed “baby bug” quilt for her to use in the chilly hospital. One of the lessons I’m already learning from this ordeal is that I want to make others feel the way Ms. Barb has made us feel in our time of vulnerability and uncertainty. (We are additionally grateful that she has loaned us her “extra” car for Russell to drive back and forth to the hospital. What a blessing!) We also got to play with Ms. Angela, one of MH’s teachers, and got hugs and kisses from many concerned teachers and friends. Going to school was definitely the right thing to do Enjoy the pictures of her fun day.

More Special Thanks:

Thank you to Lou, our steadfast babysitter, who can improvise with the best of them. She is a hero at our house. The children often ask if I can learn to be as fun as she is. Thanks for picking up the reins at a moment’s notice and taking care of my family when I cannot be there. I am always amazed when I come home from work to find that she has “whipped up” dinner out of the scraps in our fridge and cupboards. Last week she produced a gourmet quiche from secret ingredients that somehow evaded me when I looked in the same refrigerator hours before. (Please don’t make fun of the chocolate cake I made for Russell’s birthday party tonight. I know it’s lopsided, but it’s made with love. )

Thank you to the countless number of friends and co-workers who have reached out to me this week including my colleagues in Tech Pub, my boss, my boss’s boss, and my boss’s boss’s boss.  Humbling, truly.

Thank you to my fellow Upstate Mothers of Multiples. The debit card was generous and much appreciated! Charlie and Poppy love Barnes and Noble, Jr. I’m sure they will get a chance to pick out a special toy or book this weekend with their grandparents.

Thank you Ms. Angela and Ms. Kim for the Walgreens gift card. I know you are both busy ladies getting ready for surgeries of your own! I appreciate you being so thoughtful. MH loves you!

Thank you to the army of volunteers who are going to feed my family for the next two weeks. What a huge burden you have lifted from my shoulders. I’m sure that I will enjoy the taste of food again soon. In the meantime, Charlie will make sure there are few to no leftovers. He’s a growing boy!

I’m sure I will have more on my mind later this evening, but I didn’t want these special people and selfless acts to go unmentioned. You are my village! I love you all!


5 thoughts on “Counting Down…and Blessings

  1. Erin,
    Thanks so much for keeping us well informed! It makes the praying part much easier! We will all be with you tom. a.m in spirit wrapping our arms around you and Russell with big hugs!!!

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