A Happy Little Diversion

I thought I would take a moment to post something happy. Here’s a video of Mary Hazel scooting away from silly ol’ Daddy. Love that laugh and, of course, that scoot!

Also, in the midst of what I call the “cancer fog”, there have been some happy moments with Charlie and Poppy that I don’t want to overlook. We had a wonderful day together at the pool celebrating not only the Fourth of July but also their newly-discovered ability to jump off the side “cannonball” style. There was much yelling and splashing, but I took great delight in their delight. After Poppy successfully completed her first cannonball, she bobbed up to the water’s surface, already inquiring, “May I please do that 39 more times?!” Yes, 39 more times, but that’s all. =)

Special Thanks:

Thank you to the Thompsons for the yummy tortellini and the decadent desserts. It was so good to visit with you all and we just don’t do it nearly often enough.


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