Things I Want to Remember This Week

Poppy illustrated a book about princesses with Gammer’s help. The princesses were (in no particular order): Doodle Princess, Dotted Princess, Curly-Haired Princess, and Embarrassed Princess.

Charlie overcame his new fear of the swimming pool by venturing out in the shallow end sporting his life vest AND a “swimmie” ring. One of the other moms at the pool winked and whispered to me, “Now he’s not taking any chances, is he?” He was mighty proud of himself. Oh, and he also learned how to snap.

Mary Hazel surprised everyone, including herself, by standing unassisted for several seconds before she plopped onto her padded bottom and laughed out loud. Love that toothy grin!

I drove 85 mph down I-385 when I realized with 30 minutes to spare that I misread the latest birthday party invitation. It clearly read 11:30 and I clearly programmed my phone for 1:30. So, at 12:55, I literally threw the kids in the car, yelled “Buckle up, Y’all!”, and hauled Minnie down the highway at a screaming rate of speed. The kids kept saying, “Mom, this is fun! But isn’t this wrong?” Hum. Don’t know how to explain how those two seemingly opposite ideas can sometimes feel kinda good. (That’s a post for another date.) We made it to Pump It Up just in time for the obligatory slice of pizza and cake. I did not win any awards when Poppy and Charlie realized there would be no time for bouncing. Sigh. Off to Monkey Joe’s with a BOGO coupon we went. (Thanks for the coupon, Andrea.)

I got my piano! I got my piano! I got my piano! I’m a little excited about it, too. It has a few weird vibrations and a couple of cosmetic scratches, but little Miss Storey and Clark is mine, all mine. It didn’t take long at all to get reacquainted with my ol’ pals Ludwig, Johann, and Claude. We still have a lot of catching up to do, but we certainly are off to a good start.

We celebrated Father’s Day in Abbeville with Russell’s family. I do believe we surprised him with the Nook and he has buried his nose in it for several hours already. I will have to poke him to come up for air every now and then. Hope it will be a good way for him to relax and find some quiet time amidst the chaos that can be our life.

Mom, Dad, Scott and his crew are at Pawley’s Island enjoying a nice week of vacation. Scott, in particular, deserves to have some happy time. I’m proud of his efforts to reinvent and rediscover himself. Maybe I can talk him into running that half marathon with me in October.


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